Episode 20 | Screw Your 9 to 5

In this episode, I interview the man behind it all! This is the man behind the studio you always see me at, the man behind a hugely successful online Mixing and Mastering business called Mike’s Mix and Master, and a dude I call my friend!! Mike Cushion, or as I call him, Mike Seuss is an incredible inspiration for anyone questioning if they should follow their passion. If you ask him, the answer is YES!

Episode 17 | “Hold On To Me” By Samlight Ft. Me & Songwriting Tips For Beginners!

“Hold On To Me” by Samlight featuring me is out now! I talk about the success of the track and also answer a question a subscriber asked me about songwriting! Here are some tips I have for people starting out or just for songwriters who are going through writer’s block.