This podcast was started by Tori Franco.

Tori Franco is a singer/songwriter born and raised on Long Island, New York.  Her vision is to become a raw, relatable voice through music.  With her unique sound, she has the ability to captivate audiences across a wide range of genres.

Tori got her start at writing at the young age of 12.  Songwriting was always what helped her through her struggles with depression, anxiety, and coming to terms with her sexuality.  At the age of 12, after realizing she was “different” and not knowing exactly how her family would take to her being gay, she picked up a pen and began writing in lieu of suicide.  She has battled the horrific illness ever since, and every time, has come out the victor!  She aims to inspire, connect, and spread love with her story!  Her edgy sound and relatable lyrics will definitely strike a chord with people all over!

Another way Tori saw her vision come to life was through a podcast; so, she began setting everything up, and named this podcast “WhatTheWorldNeeds” after a song she had written.

You can check out the song HERE!