Episode 8 | Martin Luther King Day, Donald Trump’s Sh*thole Comments, & Bill Nye!

In this episode, I felt it was extremely fitting, with MLK Day being yesterday, to acknowledge the man himself, Martin Luther King Jr. and to discuss the idiotic comments made by Donald Trump regarding Haiti and Africa. I feel it is imperative that we spread a positive message because that is What the World Needs, so what better way to do that than with science?! Who better to prove my point than Bill Nye himself!?! I talk about how studies have shown that, genetically, there is only one race! Lastly, I read some inspiring MLK quotes to end off the podcast on a positive note!

Episode 7- Logan Paul, New Years Goals, and My New Youtube Setup

In this episode, mainly, I discuss the Logan Paul controversy that has been surrounding the airwaves for the last two weeks. I also discuss my new format for youtube and what my goals are for this year as a creator and songwriter. 2018 is going to bring many changes that will be amazing ! This is a quick catch up episode after a long holiday break!

Also…if you or anyone you know are having suicidal thoughts please call 1-800-273-8255

Episode 5- Compassion is Contagious

In this episode, I follow up on the story I was telling last week about how I hit a woman in the drug store parking lot with my mother’s leased car. I also discuss how compassion is contagious and how being compassionate to others actually helps others spread it. I talk about how some people have had problems with a “contraversial” shirt I own, and how I handled these situations.

Episode 3- More Depression

In this episode, (and probably more to come) I discuss how I combatted my depression and what exactly helped to get me over the “hump” of it all. While I understand I am not fully “cured” of it, I go over the three things that I believe truly helped me to actually start feeling better. I also discuss my “suicidal” thoughts.

Episode 2- The Law of Attraction and Depression

In this episode, I tell my story about how I was able to turn my emotional state around and get on the right path regarding my music career by simply thinking positive, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, putting in the work even when I wasn’t in a positive state of mind.  The universe works in crazy ways and I explain how life sometimes comes full circle. Get out of your own way and put in that WORK!


Episode one – The Intro and Louis C.K Drama

This is the first official episode of the What the World Needs podcast! In this episode, I introduce myself, who I am, what I do and what my vision and mission is.  I also briefly discuss some issues regarding sexual harassment in Hollywood, specifically Louis C. K., the comedian who is recently under fire for sexual harassment…