Episode 20 | Screw Your 9 to 5

In this episode, I interview the man behind it all! This is the man behind the studio you always see me at, the man behind a hugely successful online Mixing and Mastering business called Mike’s Mix and Master, and a dude I call my friend!! Mike Cushion, or as I call him, Mike Seuss is an incredible inspiration for anyone questioning if they should follow their passion. If you ask him, the answer is YES!

Episode 17 | “Hold On To Me” By Samlight Ft. Me & Songwriting Tips For Beginners!

“Hold On To Me” by Samlight featuring me is out now! I talk about the success of the track and also answer a question a subscriber asked me about songwriting! Here are some tips I have for people starting out or just for songwriters who are going through writer’s block.

Episode 14 | My Issue With Procrastination & Going Full Time as a Songwriter

In this episode, I talk about how I have a problem with procrastination. I also give an update on a song that will be released soon overseas! This episode is short, but I wanted to talk about an issue I was having being productive and also how this challenge to write 52 songs is prepping me to become a full time songwriter!

Episode 12 | Famous Songwriters (Old School vs. New School)

In this episode of the podcast, my father and I discuss our favorite topic : music. Being that my father and I share the same passions, I figured why not have him on and see what his opinions are on the subject?! We talk about the difference between music then and music now, and of course, the greatest songwriters in our humble opinions! This was amazing to record and I hope it entertains!

Episode 11 | Who Cares What “They” Say? Keep Going!

In this episode, I talk about my experience with going all in with my dreams and how the people around me feel about it! This episode is meant to inspire anyone out there with a dream. Even if people think you are crazy, DO NOT GIVE UP!

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